How to build a brand that is both solid and innovative.

Human history has been marked by constant evolution, which occurred in step with the needs and aspirations of people. This includes housing. And Rossi, attentive to these needs, constantly seeks to innovate its products and services to meet them.

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Foundation of Rossi Residencial S.A.

Initially, the company focused on the development of high income residential properties in São Paulo metropolitan region.


Creation of Plano 100

Operations commence in segments targeted at the middle income group. This plan was Rossi’s creative response to Brazil’s real estate financing problem, which made it very difficult for people in the middle-income segment to buy a home. 14,166* units were delivered nationwide. (*until July 2008).


Regional Distribution

Inauguration of the CAMPINAS regional office, after which the PAULISTANA office came to be known as the SÃO PAULO regional office.


Launch of Vida Nova Project

By using basic finishing materials and guaranteeing the quality and style of the projects, Rossi delivered 5,241* low-income units. (*until September 2005)


Issue of Shares

Rossi raised US$100 million to expand its business by issuing shares on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa) and ADRs on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Rossi pioneers the securitization of real estate receivables.


Launch of Villa Flora Project

Launch of a new housing concept for the low-income segment, with complete infrastructure: landscaping, water treatment station, squares, parks, shopping center, chapel, nursery, school, club and police station.

Inauguration of the SOUTH regional office in the city of Porto Alegre.

Implementation of the SAP enterprise management system.


Diversification of investments

Seeking to reinforce its operations targeting people with higher purchasing power, Rossi acquired América Properties, a builder of high-end residential and commercial projects.


Security to invest and grow

Rossi assures its future growth by raising R$80 million in the capital market and joining the Level 1 Special Corporate Governance Practices segment of the Bovespa.

Inauguration of the RIO DE JANEIRO regional office headquarter in the city of Rio de Janeiro.


Rossi migrates to Novo Mercado

With its migration to the Novo Mercado segment of special corporate governance practices, Rossi extends tag-along rights to 100% of shareholders, providing them with greater protection and transparency.

Business expansion

Raises R$1.012 billion to acquire new lots, settle debts and increase working capital for new projects.

Inauguration of the BRASILIA regional office, headquartered at the Federal District.

Establishment of joint ventures with regional developers.

Diversification of products

Entry into the urban development projects segment.


Expansion of business

Inauguration of the NORTHEAST regional office, with head office in Salvador, to expand operations in the northeastern states.

Inauguration of the WEST regional office, headquartered in São José do Rio Preto, which will focus on the west of São Paulo and north of Paraná.

Creation of in-house sales team

Creation of Rossi Vendas, the in-house sales team, to ensure quality service and high degree of commitment, given that the brokers are constantly trained and aligned with Rossi‘s values.


Launch of Rossi Identity project

To increase the strategic value of the Rossi brand, the company redefined its essence and redesigned its visual identity, aligning its communication with the values and attributes sought for its brand.

Rossi joins Bovespa Index

Rossi stock is included in the benchmark Ibovespa index. The Ibovespa is the most important index for Brazilian stocks, reflecting the performance of the most traded stocks on the BM&FBovespa.

Issue of stock amounting to R$ 150 million.


Launch of Rossi Ideal

Appropriate projects for the low income segment and within the guidelines of the Brazilian government‘s "Minha Casa, Minha Vida" housing incentive program.

Capital Rossi

Establishment of a joint venture with Construtora Capital to operate in the country’s northern states.


Business expansion

Rossi announced the PAULISTANA regional office focused on launches of middle high residential developments in the city of São Paulo.

Launch of the Rossi Mais project

Launch of the Rossi Mais project for the low income segment

Toctao Rossi

Establishment of a joint venture with Toctao Engenharia to operate in Goiânia and surrounding region.


Rossi completes 30 years.


Norcon Rossi

Establishment of a joint venture with Construtora Norcon to operate in Alagoas, Bahia, Pernambuco and Sergipe under the Norcon Rossi brand.

Intense use of technology in construction

Investment in large scale construction technologies, establishing precast slab factories in Brasília (DF), Campinas (SP), Campo Grande (MT), Hortolândia (SP), Manaus (AM), Serra (ES) and Porto Alegre (RS).


Rossi Commercial Properties and Rossi Urbanizadora

Creation of two business segment, the subsidiary Rossi Commercial Properties to operate in the Shopping Mall segment and Rossi Urbanizadora, which will focus on developing subdivisions for single-family and multi-family residences. These subsidiaries will provide the opportunity to develop projects with higher efficiency and rentability among Rossi‘s lands.


Outlet Digital

Innovative initiative which used the Hangout channel and Youtube to sell properties online. Due to this initiative, the company received the 20th ABEMD Award in 2014.


Robot View

Clients were able to view properties from the distance with the aid of a robot equiped with a camera. The campaign received the Real Estate Marketing award in the 2nd edition of Conecta Imobi, 2015.


The EntreVerdes Campinas project received the Master Real Estate Award 2015, in the Environmental Preservation category.

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