Mission, Vision and Values

Essence – Rossi’s Foundation

Rossi’s Essence is supported by three pillars: Mission, Vision and Values.

All of the Rossi brand’s initiatives, the company’s way of thinking, being and acting and the relations it has established with its stakeholders are underpinned by these principles.

Rossi’s Mission

Develop innovative real estate solutions of recognized quality in relation to the public, the community and the environment, while generating value for shareholders and assuring a strong future for the company.

Rossi’s Vision

We believe people, in the pursuit of happiness and quality of life, are always evolving their aspirations in the areas of housing, leisure and work.

Rossi’s Values

  • Knowledge We, as individuals, transform information into knowledge. And knowledge is fundamental for understanding the dynamics of life, society and the market, and also for making the right decisions for our actions in the world. We must cultivate the gathering, processing and sharing of information in all our relationships.
  • Humility Humility is wisdom. By recognizing ourselves as imperfect individuals, we generate the opportunity to learn and develop as human beings, professionals and entrepreneurs. We must give credit to people who recognize their errors and share them to prevent others from repeating them.
  • InnovationInnovation is the product of our understanding of the evolution of society and of a critical view of reality. It is the capacity to propose new and better solutions for the challenges we face.
  • Integrity Integrity is having values and acting conscientiously, inspired and guided by these values. People with integrity are trusted in their relationships.
  • Valuing People We believe in our employees and partners and encourage the personal and professional development of all who contribute with their talent and effort to build our brand and the network of relationships that supports it.
  • Sustainability We recognize that solutions for our lifestyle must contemplate the interdependence that exists among human, financial and natural resources. Our future depends on great and small innovations that respect and are inspired by this balance.
  • Enthusiasm Enthusiasm is generated when people have objectives and see meaning in what they do. Enthusiastic people overcome difficulties more easily and live their lives with greater joy, pleasure and sense of humor. Enthusiasm comes from the Greek en teos and means “full of God”.

Update: March 01, 2016