Experience, innovation and sustainable growth make up the Company‘s results

Rossi is one of the leading construction and development groups in Brazil, with over 35 years of experience and has operated in various sectors of the real estate market. Its portfolio includes numerous examples of successful residential and commercial real estate sales, across various income profiles.

The company works to provide residential opportunities with quality, good location and a fair price for its customers. Since its founding, Grupo Rossi has delivered more than 100,000 real estate projects.

Based on values such as innovation, valuing people and sustainability, the company believes in building long-term relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, partners and shareholders. Rossi believes that its mission goes beyond the construction of residences and offices. Its commitment is to life projects.

Product Matrix

Since 2014, Rossi has been working in operational simplification, reducing regions of operation and optimizing product lines.

In this sense, we began to operate in five strategic regions: São Paulo, Campinas, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and Aracaju (JV Norcon Rossi).

Our products are targeted at middle-class families and are separated into 3 standard lines, as follows:

  • Rossi Mais: the economic line sector created in 2010. These projects include apartments of up to 85 square meters, with a complete leisure area and units with two or three bedroom options.
  • Rossi Atual: includes modern designs, in great locations, near urban centers, in neighborhoods that have complete infrastructure. With units of houses and apartments from 85 square meters and lots from 400 square meters. These properties prioritize comfort, convenience and space. The leisure areas include playgrounds, gyms, pools and ballrooms and more.
  • Rossi Ativa: it covers houses and apartment condominiums from 85 square meters, with a complete leisure area. The concept of this line is to have a wide variety of leisure options, simulating the feeling of living in a club. It is aimed at more active people, who enjoy leisure, sports and social activities.


Innovation has been present in the company’s operations for a long time. Rossi was a pioneer in adopting the SAP enterprise management system. The benefits from this investment decision are currently being seen, ensuring the management of the entire flow of its projects, including planning, design, and the complete budget.

Construction techniques are also Rossi’s investment target, aiming at competitive cost and terms, as well as generating value to its products.

Currently, Rossi’s engineering department is responsible to perform the vast majority of its projects due to its high building capacity, constant improvement through training of its engineers, supervisors, trainees and construction workers. This continuous improvement has led to Rossi to receive, for the 5th consecutive year (2011 to 2015) the highest level of its ISO 9001:2008 and PBQP-H: 2012 – Level A certifications, as a result of independent audit.


Our commitment to efficiency and search for the best are part of every Rossi project. In addition to customer satisfaction, the awards received throughout our history are recognition for these efforts: more than 100 awards and 4 honorable mentions in more than 35 years – recognition from the most important representatives of the market, to our tireless efforts in the search for constant improvements.

Among the recent awards received, we highlight the 2015 Conecta Imobi, the largest real estate marketing event in Latin America, for the Robot View campaign.

*For more details on the awards received, please visit our corporate website

Update: December 04, 2017