Social Responsibility

Rossi is aware of its social responsibility. More than just to satisfy clients and investors, its products are planned to contribute to the development of society as a whole and to the preservation of the environment.

Preservation of the environment

The company uses reforestation wood for construction purposes and its reinforced concrete slabs are preferentially molded in iron and fiber, a procedure that reduces the use of wood in the construction of its projects.

Urbanism and coexistence

Villa Flora also is an example of a project that goes beyond basic function. Besides quality construction, it contains urbanistic solutions that favor good quality of life, encouraging contact with and respect for nature. The Gira Sonhos NGO was hired to integrate residents through artistic and cultural activities such as dance workshops, music and information technology classes.

Water savings and care about waste disposal

Solutions that lead to the reutilization of water and subsequent reduction in losses are present in many of Rossi’s projects. On the construction sites, the company’s concerns range from careful management of waste disposal to cleaning up of the outer areas and the minimizing of noise that could disturb neighbors.

New technologies

A team of technicians and engineers is dedicated to finding solutions that reduce environmental impacts. Some of the answers being examined by the group include heating water and generating electricity through solar panels and research in both Brazil and abroad into new materials introduced into the market and innovative construction techniques.


Rossi is a platinum founding member of the Green Building Council, an organization linked to the most important international organization for sustainable construction criteria and evaluation, the World Green Building Council. One of the company’s objectives is to adjust itself to international socio-environmental responsibility guidelines leading to sustainable construction practices based on the Brazilian reality.


Rossi’s projects help residents facilitate the maintenance of their units, guaranteeing the functionality of the construction for many years. After a unit has been delivered, the company places a qualified maintenance team at their disposal to conduct eventual repairs.

“Aware of its responsibility to the progress of society, Rossi develops projects that respect the environment and foster the good coexistence of their residents.”

Update: March 01, 2016